Walk-In Tubs FOR LESS

safely assist the health needs of seniors, people with mobility challenges who

have some difficulty climbing 

​in and out of the bath.

A walk-in tub come equipped with a door that opens and closes on the front or side of the bathtub. A door gives the user the ability to enter the tub without having to lift their legs over the threshold of a traditional bathtubs. In addition to the door, these bathtubs are designed to prevent slipping. Handrails, seats and textured pads help users keep their heads above water.

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“I recommend a Walk-In Tub for my patients’

safety. They tell me how easy it is to enter and

how much they love it!”

- Dr. Kelli Yacono*, Bryn Mawr, PA

*Selected One of the “Top Doctors” in 2015

by the Main Line Times – mainlinetoday.com

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